Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's just so sweet!

So ya'll know about my IRL friend Jess by now... and if not, you should!

Go check out her blog Livin' on Sweet Tea right now! She's doing a super awesome giveaway - With lots of great stuff, like this!

AND as an added bonus, if you follow her other blog, Sunrise Sweets, (her new bakery that I wrote about in my last post), you get an extra entry!

Get to it! You only have until July 26th!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Be still my chocoholic heart!

My IRL/Bloggy friend, Jess, has recently started her own bakery.
Lucky for me, we are also neighbors!
A few weeks ago she stopped by to drop off a tray of her yummy new creations for us to try... Last night I got to "taste test" some awesome Strawberry Cupcakes, and on top of all that she sent me home with some delicious Oatmeal Cookies. I only got to eat one half of one before the boy finished off the rest! It's all been great!!! Although, I'm pretty sure my favorite thing so far is the truffles, and I definitely can't wait to try the Samoa ones. I LOVE SAMOAS!
(Jess, let me know if you need some taste tested!!!)
Check out all of her creations at Sunrise Sweets, but make sure you have a napkin ready so you don't drool all over the keyboard. ;-)