Monday, May 31, 2010

The other day we received our local paper in the mail, and I opened it up just like any other day right to the coupon insert. Just by chance, before I threw it away, I glanced at the page next to it where they had a tribute to our local heroes who had lost their lives overseas. Right smack dab in the middle of that page was this picture....

That's my high school friend Chris who lost his life back in 2006. It was a sad moment to see his face in the middle of that page, but as tears came to my eyes, I realized that Chris wouldn't want me to cry. He would want me to think of the happy times we had together. So I did. I pulled out my photo album from high school, and looked through pictures of all the crazy things we did together and all the fun we had. And then I said a prayer for Melissa. I prayed that I would never open up my local paper and see this face there across from the coupon insert.

So on this day, I'm thinking of Chris, and remembering our good times. And thinking of Melissa, and saying a prayer that she will return safely.

As you spend time with your friends today, out by the pool, with burgers on the grill.... Please take a moment and pray for those who are missing someone special at their bbq.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010


One of my favorite blogs these days is 29 and Holding. She's a nurse, and a mommy of two, and she cracks me up!!! Ya'll need to head on over and check her out. Not just because she's awesome, and hilarious, but because she's having a giveaway!!!! She'll be giving away a t-shirt for you from Cafe Press, and one for your child! (or niece, or nephew, or whatever) If you haven't been on this site before, you need to check it out. They have shirts for EVERYTHING! I've never ordered from them before, but I've spent lots of time browsing through their Nurse shirts. They have the funniest Nursing Student shirts! But... I'm not a student anymore, remember?!?!? At least not for now... so I think my most recent favorite is this one, isn't it cute?

There are lots of opportunities to win, so head on over and check it out!

And while you are checking out cool giveaways, check out another one of my favorites, The Undomestic Momma, who is giving away a cute little lunch tote from 31 Gifts for this weeks Giveaway Friday!

It's like pulling teeth!

Within the past few years I got put on the boyfriends health insurance and against my will was forced to switch dentists. I loved my dentist, but he refused to accept my new insurance. While I dislike this insurance company - because they hardly want to cover ANYTHING, and I have a ridiculous deductible, some insurance is better than no insurance. I have had the pleasure of seeing an orthodontist and a periodontist in my short life (lucky me). They were both wonderful though, and my ortho is who recommended my dentist that I loved, so I went to that office to ask them for a new recommendation. Their office is very well known in the area, and I come across people all the time that have been referred to him so I figured he would have a good idea of who doesn't suck. They came up with nothin'! The best they could do was point out a name that they recognized.

I took the chance and we have been seeing this guy for a while, but we HATE him. Not just because he's a dentist, but because he sucks! The office staff is horrible. They can never keep our appointments straight. Ed recently had an argument with them because according to them, his appt was on a day that he was on shift with the Fire Dept., not on the day they wrote on his appt card. Really people!?!?! And then I purposely didn't schedule an appt with them, so they took it upon themselves to schedule one for me, and then sent me a postcard in the mail. But, a few months later I got a card that said "please call to schedule your appt." Although, when I called to cancel ALL appointments, phantom or not, they said I had one scheduled. They always call us last minute to reschedule (sometimes on the day of our appt), but if we don't give 48 hours notice to cancel our appointment, we get charged. They offer "bilingual services", which is fine, but I only speak English, so please do not address me in espanol. I hate that they do that. Or better yet... while I'm sitting in the chair, with my spit bib on, they walk around behind me chatting in spanish. Ed's favorite reason for hating them is that his hygienist insists on watching Ellen while she cleans his teeth and she has jabbed him before because she is watching tv, instead of watching where the sharp object in her hand is going inside his mouth!

Needless to say, we have ended our relationship with them and their bad manners! But now, how the heck do I pick a new one!?!?!? That was really why we endured the torture in the first place. How the heck do you pick from a list and know that they aren't gonna be horrendous? Obviously I would prefer to go with a recommendation from friends or family, but nobody that they use is in my book. It's slim pickin's I tell ya!

So far, my criteria is as follows:
  • If I can't pronounce your name, you are not a candidate.
  • If I google your name and a bad review comes up, I ain't callin'
  • If you are not in route of home, you're out. The boy is pushin' it trying to get there from work as is, he can't go out of his way. (he told me so)
And then if they have passed that part of the test, I ask the following questions:
  • Are you currently accepting new patients?
  • What are your office hours? (The boy needs them to accept appointment at least until 5ish)
  • How far in advance do appointments need to be scheduled? (I have called places before that are booked a whole month in advance!!!)
But really, then what? How do you narrow it down from there? Does anyone have any suggestions of other important questions to ask!?! Help, please?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TMI? yeah, maybe...

I've been debating on writing this, but it's just too good not to share. We're all mostly girls in this bloggy world, so it's time for some "girl talk." If you are grossed out by girly stuff, like... Aunt Flo.... stop reading, now.

So anyway, my SIL (maybe one day? but I call her that anyway) introduced me to these great things called InStead.
At first, I was like "um, that's weird." And you may say the same thing, but hear me out, and give them a shot anyway. It's an alternative to a tampon, and it's GREAT. It's this "cup" you insert "instead," and it catches all the gross stuff. There is no risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome with them, so you can wear them for up to 12 hours, and I have, in white pants no less. Throughout nursing school we had to wear WHITE scrub pants and work long clinical days in the hospital. There isn't much time to take bathroom breaks and do tampon checks. I tried them out at home first of course, but once I realized how awesome they were, it was on! You put it in and forget about it, for real. Perfect for long days out especially if you are going on a boat, a long car ride, or to a concert, I would especially use them someplace where there are porta pottys - gross. Especially awesome on light days when a tampon is too much, and you don't want to wear a liner. And equally as great on heavy days when you just don't want to deal with worrying about whether or not it's time for a tampon change. If you aren't totally grossed out yet and you are still reading, you can find these things in your local drug store, but you have to look hard. They are usually on the bottom shelf at the end. A box of 14 is comparable in price to a box of tampons at about $7.99, but remember, you can wear them twice as long if not more, so it evens out if you pay a little bit more.

Let me know if you've tried them, or try them, and what you think!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make's me tear up every time...

Semi-Slacker Mom posted this video earlier, and spoke about a very important point. This tragedy isn't being televised, and it isn't getting the attention it deserves. So, I thought that as sad at it is, I would take a moment to post about it too. I only hope that they get the HELP that they deserve.

Nashville and the surrounding area is in my prayers every day, I hope it's in yours as well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Honey Do's

Now that I am done with my boards, I have a lot of free time on my hands. Since the boy does so much for me, and I finally have some time to do things for him, I've asked him what little projects he has to get done that I could easily do without his help. And so started the "Honey Do" List.

He has been trying so hard to get our new boat "water ready" and with working 2 jobs, it has taken quite some time. Since I get to enjoy the boat too, I was actually really excited that he had some jobs for me to do that would help us get out on the water sooner!

My first job - Our boat has this wood trim on it called teak. If you are not familiar with teak it's a very beautiful wood, but it needs to be maintained. The previous owner did NOT maintain it. At all. His idea of maintenance was to put a varnish over it, which actually made a mess of it! It was peeling off and looked AWFUL! So my job was to sand it, then wet sand it, then oil it - twice. And I did, and now it looks AWESOME!!! Before I did all that, his dad had pressure washed it really good and used varnish stripper on it. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. But... since this was the boys project initially, and not mine, no pictures have been taken of the boat except that one I posted last week or so from when he towed it home. Here is a similar before and after picture of some teak patio furniture that was re-done.
Not exactly the same thing, but you get the picture. Big difference, huh?

My next project was to wash the boat. See, when it first came home the boy took a whole entire day (while I was studying) scrubbing it from front to back with soft scrub and hull cleaner and it looked great! But... then the tree that it is parked under started dropping leaves and goop and stainined it all up. Frankly, I think the boy was feeling a little discouraged with the progress he was making when he went out one day and it was a HUGE mess. So yesterday I went out there with some bleach water and a pressure cleaner and cleaned it all up again and made it shine :) I tell you what... I have never seen a more appreciative boy in my life when he came home and saw that his boat was clean again. Nevermind that I had cleaned the house, his boat was pretty again! lol... Now that it was clean, he felt better about putting it together and couldn't wait for dinner to be over so he could go out and work on it. He put the teak back on, and we put the cover on it, and he was happier than a pig in you know what!

It really wasn't hard work at all. It was little time consuming things that he just didn't have the time to consume it with. I am thrilled that I could make him so happy, and happy to have part in getting the boat ready. I'm pretty proud of my work! It's great having the time to do little things that make a big difference. I know that it is short lived, and that makes me kind of sad. According to a girl that works in the Nursing Admission Office at the local college I plan on attending for RN School, I have a spot in a program starting on June 24th. I have nothing in writing yet, but that's the rumor... So, until then, I'm gonna try and not waste my days away in bed, on the internet, or watching junk on tv... I'd much rather do some more Honey Do's, or cross some things off my lists, and do what I can to make that boys life a little bit easier since he does so much for me when I don't have the time. He is of course working two jobs and having little to no free time so that I can concentrate on being a nurse! It's the least that I can do :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Swap!

All American Jess is hosting a great Summer Swap! If you've been following me for any length time you know I love all things summer and I am a flip flop addict so this swap is right up my alley! I can't wait!!!!!

Head on over here and sign up!

Friday, May 7, 2010

**Happy Dance!!**

I'm doin' a little happy dance today! It's official, I got my results. I am a State of Florida Board Certified Licensed Practical Nurse!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

(maybe I won't tell my crazy neighbor that I'm a student anymore)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Omen?

Today was the big day guys! I put on some comfy clothes, took a few deep breaths, loaded up in the truck that the boy so graciously left me to drive (since the a/c is broken in my car), and headed out to take the big ol' nasty test that would determine if I would be a Licensed Practical Nurse sooner, rather than later. I think I did okay. I won't know for sure until tomorrow.... and it's kindda hard to explain, but basically...I either did really well, or I really suck. And I don't think I suck. I hope. Besides, my mom said I tested on a good day. I didn't know it when I picked the day.. I just picked it because it had a time available that wasn't at the butt crack of dawn.... but, today is Nurse's Appreciation Day and the first day of National Nurses Appreciation Week! I know the day is almost over and it's probably a little bit late to run on out and hug a nurse, but you could at least keep all us nurses in your thoughts this evening and remember that we all worked really hard to be the best that we can be - FOR YOU!