Monday, January 31, 2011

I hate wholesale warehouse shopping.

But I sure do love the deals!!!! We have a membership at BJ's Wholesale, but I despise going there. We usually go (together!) about once or twice a year and stock up on paper goods and stuff, but it really is one of my least favorite things to do, no matter how good the deals are. Seriously, it's gross, and inconvenient. It smells, smelly people go there, it's kindda dirty, everything is HUGE (and I'm so little, hence why we go together), it just all pretty much sucks. But - I've finally found a solution! Subscribe and Save. Have you heard of it? It's amazing. Wholesale prices from the comfort of my home, and they deliver to my doorstep in just a few days, for free! Seriously, how can you go wrong?!?!?!?! No crowds, no smelly warehouse, no smelly people... it's fantastic! They have all kinds of stuff too, not just paper goods. They even have food products! So far I've only ordered paper goods and stuff, but check out these prices!

Charmin Ultra Strong - 18 MEGA rolls - $20.96
All Small and Mighty Laundry Detergent - Case of 4, 96 oz. bottles - $53.44
Bounty Huge Roll Select-A-Size - 12 count - $32.24

Yeah... I'm sold... with it just being the 2 of us, this stuff lasts us FOREVER.

The way it works is - you sign up here, and search for the items you are looking for. If they qualify, it will say so... then you pick the quantity and select how often you would like this item delivered. You get an email before the item ships, and you can change the frequency at any time. So basically, there is no "contract." Just because you set it to ship every 6 months doesn't mean it actually has to. In 6 months, you'll get an email, and if you aren't ready for it yet, you go in and change it not to ship for another 1,2,3, or 6 months. Sound like an awesome deal yet??!?!?!? Just wait, it gets better... When you subscribe, you save 15% off the price, and they ship for free with Amazon Prime membership. Whats that? You don't have Amazon Prime? That's okay... anyone with a .edu email can get Amazon Prime membership free, for a year! Which means fast shipping, for free, on TONS of stuff! Not just Subscribe and Save items. Seriously, it's amazing. I take advantage of it all the time. Then you just sit back and wait for the awesome UPS guy to come, and if he's cool like mine, he'll even bring the heavy stuff inside for ya ;-)

Now, I know these prices aren't really any better than wholesale stores... but the convenience was the selling point for me! Especially since our BJ's is shutting down anyway. Amazon didn't offer me anything at all for writing this... it's just one blogger sharing a good deal with another blogger. But hey, Amazon, if you're out there, feel free... because I love me some Amazon!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Favorite Friday

In following with the theme of my blog, and my life... I'm going to give you a post that is over a month late. Yup, that's right, I'm about to write about Christmas. Don't judge. I'm a nursing student. I have no life. Plus, I just can't seem to document things out of chronological order, which means I can't tell you about my birthday, or school, or anything else until I get Christmas out of my bloggy mind. I'm just crazy like that.

Soooo, in an effort to get this out of the way so I can continue.... I've narrowed my Christmas post down to my Five Favorite things about Christmas this year. In no particular order....

1. Friend time! and cookies! Yum!!!!

My friends and I got together for a girls night were we ate entirely too many cookies, drank some wine, played some fun board games, and exchanged recipes! Good times :)

2. Evenly dispersed family time. Instead of having to cram time with all of the family into one day, we were able to kind of break it up a little bit this year. The boy got lucky and was off on Christmas Eve, and day! So we did dinner at my parents house on Christmas Eve, and dinner at his parents house Christmas day! Now don't get me wrong, we were still running around all over the place and crazy stressed for 2 days, but at least it was 2 days, and not one!!!

(my little family..)

3. Cheesiness. In the form of matching jammies and goofy family shots :)

4. Presents!!!! (My parents got us an AWESOME waterproof camera!!!! We will be putting this to LOTS of use!!!) and I'm still lovin' my early present from the boy... my Evo :)

5. Decorations. And my mom.

My mom didn't have just one tree this year, she had at least 7... and they were GORGEOUS! She had so much going on at the end of the year, including 2 surgeries, and a holiday party.... but she just couldn't resist putting up all of her decorations.

Love you Mommy!