Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And.... we're back!

We are back from our third, and final, trip to the Keys this summer. This time we stayed with Ed's sister and brother in law at a friend's condo. We fished... we lobstered... we snorkeled... fished some more, and had a fantastic time!

The first day of fishing was productive... At first, all we caught were these teeny tiny tuna...
But we progressed to some big ones after that and came in with 3 nice Black Fin for dinner. YUM!
The next day we went lobstering.
Then snorkeling at a reef.
These fish just come RIGHT up to you! It's the coolest thing!!!!
We fished for a bit after that but didn't catch anything dinner worthy. Just some big low quality tuna that we kept for bait.
On our last day we parted with the siblings and my Godparents joined us for the day. We went almost 30 miles offshore and had a fantastic day of fishing!
The weather was pretty gorgeous for most of the day. The water was smooth as glass, and we brought home a Wahoo, and 7 Black Fin!!! Unfortunately, a big huge storm blew in while we were out there so we got wet on the ride in and didn't take any pictures.
We loaded up the boat in the rain, drove home in the rain, lost the tread off our trailer tire in Miami and had to change it on the side of the road, got home at like midnight, and cleaned fish and unloaded until about 2 am. Thank goodness I got to sleep in the next day! The boy on the other hand had to get up early and go on shift at the fire department. I'm pretty sure he's still trying to recover....

Sadly, I'm back to school on Monday... and my summer adventures are over. But we are looking into going back down within the next few months and staying at Hawks Cay because they are discounting their rooms for "local heroes". I can't wait!!!!!


  1. I want to go to Hawks Cay so bad! Too fun, I'm jealous!

  2. I wanna go next time!! give me more notice then a week though lol

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  4. Ahh...those pictures look wonderful, so jealous!! Glad you had a fun summer!