Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's your flavor?

I may, or may not have stayed up until 12:3o the other night re-arranging ornaments on my tree. Am I the only one who does that? You get something new, and then you have to find a new place for it, and then you need a thick branch so you move some more stuff around, and the tree starts to droop so now some things are hidden, so you move some stuff around just never ends. But I love it!

I was told I should open a Christmas present early Friday night, and rightfully so, because in it were 2 new beautiful ornaments from my Aunt Lisa :)
That's what started the ornament shuffling ordeal when I got home. There was no way I was going to wait until the next to put them up, I might be too busy! But while re-arranging/admiring all the ornaments on my tree, it got me thinking about my Tree Trimming Style. You know, everyone has their own "flavor" of tree trimming... There's the Christmas shop display tree type, the "my kid made everything on my tree" type, the "theme" tree, and so on, and so forth....

MY style of course is unique to me, and the boy, and the things we enjoy. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their tree..... Personally, my tree tells the story of our lives together. I don't have any of the ornaments I had growing up (long story), so when we moved into our house 3 Christmases ago I had to start fresh. I bought some plain ol' colored balls (which we NEVER had on our tree when I was little), and a few cute ornaments and went from there. That Christmas my mom made me some Macrame candy canes like the ones we had on our tree when I was growing up.
My little brother made me some reindeer and penguin bell/pom pom ball ornaments
and my mom also crocheted me some BEAUTIFUL snowflakes
which I adore! I got a little creative as well and made some bead snowflakes.
Each year I've added a few ornaments here and there and so our "theme", so to say, developed. Every ornament on my tree has either been hand made by me or someone in my family, a snowman (I love snowmans!!!), career or hobbie related to us, or my favorite - beachy Christmasy.... It's even MORE awesome if I can find a snowman that represents any of those things. Those are usually my favorite! Like my sandy-men and my nurse and firefighter snowmen that I shared with you when I revealed my tree here.

And I can't forget about our Christmas tradition of adding a dated photo ornament with a picture of us in it. I can't wait until our tree is FULL of these!

My tree was pretty sparse the first year, and mostly full of the glass balls. As the years have gone by, my collection has grown, and my tree is borderline "cluttered." The pretty kind of cluttered, but it's certainly full! I like it though, it suits me. It's how I remember my tree looking when I was growing up, but with MY ornaments that are special to ME. The showroom tree is just NOT my style. At all.

So, I guess that's my "flavor"... homemade/beachy/fishy/career representing/snowmen.
What's yours?


  1. I always like to admire and look at the 'showcase trees' but I'm happy with the way our tree is. We have couple green,red, and gold glitter balls but the most of our ornaments have some kind of story or meaning behind them.

    Me and Big Man get a new one every year to represent something in our life.

  2. I'm glad you liked your new ornaments. As soon as I saw the shell ornament that said BELIEVE, I thought of you. Your tree is perfect! I don't think you can have too many ornaments on a Christmas tree. The whole point is to make it sparkly and special and yours is. Have a wonderful Christmas sweet girl!

  3. I was married in Dec. 2002 and received a tree and lights as a shower gift. My mom made some crochet snowflakes for me too, as well as some bead icicles, bells, and wreaths. The other ornaments have come from places we've visited together, honeymoon, trips, etc. Now that we have kids they each get an ornament every year, so we have those as well - it isn't the store room tree, but I'm in love with each ornament and the fact that I can tell you a story about each and every one. I bought some red, white, and blue led lights on clearance this week though, and may just have to have an all american tree next year, since it will be my husbands last Christmas home before a deployment :) I enjoyed reading this though, made me smile that others do it the same way I do, I always feel like I'm the only one without the "pretty" matchy matchy theme tree.

  4. My style used to be "perfect." I had all coordinating ornaments all perfectly placed on the tree. And then I had kids. First, the ornaments had to be moved up, so toddlers couldn't get to them. And now, the tree is decorated by a 5 and 7 year it is perfectly imperfect:)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!