Thursday, October 13, 2011

25 Again.

I thought I should probably finish this post and hit publish so ya'll don't think I'm crazy when I turn 24 again in just a few months... Ya know, especially since its been sitting in my queue since February, and it was late even back then. On January 12, 2011 I turned 25 again. Yup, that's right, again. Because, really, who wants to turn 26? It's so lame, and un-eventful. The way I figure it, if I start counting back now, by the time I'm turning 30 I can re-celebrate my 21st Birthday! Wouldn't that be awesome? I think so....

So anyway. My 25th birthday this year... It was awesome!!!! My mom and step-dad took the boy and I out to dinner at J.Alexanders. That place is awesome, probably my favorite "fancy" restaurant. It's not fancy really, but it's not Chili's either. Then we went back to their house and I got super spoiled with some amazing presents. Way more than I ever expected or could have imagined I was getting!!!! Included in all that was this way cool coupon organizer that my mom hand-made for me!!! And... a super cute Coach purse!!! My mom rocks.

Yup, I'm totally wearing a princess crown - I'm the birthday princess, duh!

That boy of mine is pretty awesome too... he finally got tired of hearing me whine about not being able to listen to CD's in my car anymore after my factory stereo decided to eat 5 of them and not give them back, so he got me a new radio!!!! And it even came with free installation provided by that handsome man himself! Which is good, because it came with all these pretty colored wires that I had no frickin' clue what to do with. All is good now though, it's hooked up, and pretty, and it even connects to my ipod!!! My poor little 2002 Accord is so high tech now!

Love him!

And... Because my friends and I are all January babies, we celebrated our birthday together with a joint party at my house. Jenn and Jess were turning 25 for the first time this year, so it was a 1/4 century blast!

Completely equipped with party hats. 

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