Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Ornament Swap!

Yup, another one. Told ya I love Christmas!!!!

This one is hosted by

They have 2 categories that you can sign up for, a Shopaholic category, and a Crafty category! Since this is my second swap, and I am already purchasing an ornament for a great bloggy partner, I signed up for the Crafty swap. I'm gonna be paired with another crafter and we get to make each other ornaments.
How fun is that!?!?!? I'm so excited.

Head on over to either of their pages and sign up.
You have until November 15th.


  1. thanks for this info! I've always wanted to participate!

  2. idk if im gonna do both, although i am totally bloggy friends with D,H & S... damn... lol

  3. oooooh I am so crafting one!

    by the way, your little weather button is just rubbing in the nice warm weather you have and the fact that its already butt cold up here. sigh. winter blows.