Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Farewell Sweet November...

I can't believe November has come and gone so fast! I must have been really busy, I only blogged twice in the WHOLE month!!!!!

We started the month off with a bang celebrating my "not-so-little" brother's 14th Birthday.The boy and I took him to his very first concert without parents! We were rockin' out to Chicken Fried and Toes while laying on a blanket under the stars at a Zac Brown Band Concert!!!!
The rest of my days were filled with some of my favorite things, and I'm sad that I didn't take the time to share them with you throughout the month. Things such as Pumpkin Spice candles, fall leaf decorations (since we don't get real fall leaves in S. Florida), Turkey-lurkey dinner, Wii time with the family, and PIE!!!! Mommy makes some AWESOME pie. And I think I've eaten about 2 loaves of Pumpkin bread this month for breakfast too...
(btw. this is an actual picture of the pies my mom made for Thanksgiving)
Right after Thanksgiving dinner we loaded up the truck and headed to the Keys for the weekend where we froze our booty's off fishing offshore when it was 50 degrees out!!! It's hardly ever cold down here, but it was just our luck! :(We were troopers though. We bundled up and stuck it out!
We still had a good time, and brought home a big ol' Kingfish that we smoked and I'm about ready to whip it up into some Smoked Fish Dip. Yum yum!
So.... even though it flew by in the blink of an eye, November was filled with good things, and I'm thankful for each and every one of them. Especially all the wonderful days spent with family.
If you'll excuse me now, I need to go make my dip and bust out some Christmas decorations!!! See ya later Pumpkin Spice! It's time for some Christmas cheer!


  1. I love Zac Brown Band. And how jealous am I that you went to the Keys fishing. My husband has been a few times without me..ugh! We plan on going to Islamorada this summer or next. He thinks I will like it more than St. Lucia..we'll see!
    Take care sweetie!

  2. What a fun fishing trip! My husband and I are going to Mexico on Friday to do some fishing. It is supposed to be rainy! That is our luck! Have fun decorating!!

  3. I so want to see the Zac Brown Band! Sounds like a great month, hope your December is just as awesome!