Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting to know you Sunday!

It's that time of the week again... Head on over here if you wanna play too!

The questions..

1. What color do you wear the most? I'm not really sure. I have a very wide and colorful variety of clothes... I guess blue though, because I'm ALWAYS in blue jeans!
2. Would you rather have $10,000 dollars or a dream vacation? $10,000. I'd spend it on a reasonable vacation, and then put the rest in a high interest saving's account so I could go on another awesome vacation one day!
3. Do you have a weird, quirky or unusual habit? Probably, but apparently I don't think it's weird, quirky, or unusual :)
4. I really need to start..........? Working out again! I feel so blah... Starting this week I have a daily date with Jillian Michaels and we're gonna shred it up!
5. What was the first blog you ever read? Project: 10K Wedding by my friend Jessica!
6. Do you collect anything? Pictures.... I used to collect stamps, back in the day. lol.
7. How old were you when you had your first kiss? 14 or 15 - I know, I'm a big loser.
8. Do you text/twitter while driving? I would never... admit it! My mom reads this blog, sheesh!


  1. I would totally take the $10,000 too:) Oh, and I've been off the workout band wagon for a few days too, but tomorrow I'm back in the saddle!

  2. I need to get my booty back in shape, hopefully after our move I can start some kind of routine.

  3. I would take 10k too. It just makes more sense!

    I think I had my first real kiss when I was 13-14, so I wasn't that much ahead of you. And looking back, I really wish I had waited a little longer because I hated that first kiss and it made me afraid to kiss another guy until I was 16!

  4. Ha!!! We all have those things we would never admit. Texting while driving is mine too. :) XOXO

  5. You look to me like you are in great shape! ;)

    Thanks for all of your postive comments you have been leaving lately. It really means a lot to me. It's so hard doing this school thing when I am married, have a mortgage, and real life responsibilities. If only I have known at 18 what I wanted to do with the rest of my life!
    For some reason the last comment you just left disappeared...didn't want you to think I deleted it.
    Take care sweetie!!
    PS you are the cutest nurse I've ever seen! Love your profile pic!