Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It has NOT sunk in!

I just realized that it has NOT sunk in yet that I *am* a nurse. My new neighbor (who btw has lived across the street from me for 5 months and never said a word to me) just came over at 12 a.m. because she just saw me come home, to introduce herself. Weird? Yeah, a little... but I'm still glad she did. Although, I was cursing at her from behind my door the other day due to her obnoxious cats that I can't stand (which may be another post... although I'm re-thinking it now). Anyway, she has the cutest little 10 year old Australian Shepard and I'm pretty sure her and Zoey will be BFF's now. I have never seen Zoey get along with any dog as well as she did with this one. She has MET her match in energy. They ran circles around my car until they dropped! It was great! But... that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I graduated from LPN school a month ago and tonight in conversation I told this lady that I was in Nursing School! What the heck!??!?! I must have sounded like an idiot when I then said "Well, actually, I'm kindda not... " And startled babbling something to the fact of "I was, but I graduated, but I am going back.... So... Uhhhhh." Durf. What's wrong with me?!?!?!?! Maybe after I take my state boards and I have my license in hand it'll finally sink in that I am, in fact, a real live nurse! Or maybe it won't. Maybe I'll just sound like an idiot until I have a job working as a nurse. Maybe I just need to snap out of it and realize that even though I'm not an RN, and I'm not working as a nurse yet, I did put in my time as a student, and I am a graduate, and LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse, dangit! Oh wait, I'm not licensed yet. So I'm a GPN? WHATEVER!! The N still stands for NURSE! And now, this little nurse is going to bed because it's 2 a.m. and maybe my lack of a coherent truthful conversation was due to the fact that it was past my bedtime when this lady knocked on my door!



  1. well either way....way to go on your profession! we need more nurturing caring NURSES TODAY~ :O)

  2. After working for several years I actually found out the LPN stand for "Low Paid Nurse!" Hehe...for real, that's what the LPN's at the hospital I worked at said...they were kind of bitter about it! Oh, and they said RN was "Rich Nurse!"

    Maybe you'll feel like a real nurse when you get your license, but you might not. It might take having a job and working in your field. Either way, you are still a nurse in my eyes:)

  3. You are a real nurse to me!

  4. I think it just takes a while to break a habit. After spending so much time working toward something and having a routine, it can take a little while to realize that things are different.

    And you are a nurse. You better start believing because it is actually true!

  5. A very cute story! WHo comes over at midnight? Wowee!!!