Wednesday, February 2, 2011

While you were freezing...

While most of you were probably freezing your behind's off this past weekend... the high was about 75 degrees around these parts, and we spent a gorgeous afternoon out on the water! The day started out pretty chilly and boring...
but things picked up a bit in the afternoon and we brought in a 150-200 pound MARLIN!
Most amazing fish I have even witnessed being caught...

We put our underwater camera to use and got this spectacular (and HILARIOUS!) shot of our friend PJ who was REALLY excited about reeling this monster in!!!!
There was even an article published in the local paper about it all!!!!! Apparently it's very rare to catch one of these babies... especially where we were, with the bait we were using, and more importantly, by not even trying!?!?!? We were definitely not set up for such a big catch, but it was SO AWESOME!!!!
Stay warm ya'll!!!!!


  1. That is awesome! I can't wait to show this to my husband! We fish a marlin tournament each year in NC!It is always a crazy fun time!!!

  2. I hate you a little bit right now....

    The high today in my town is 2 degrees...

  3. I would die for warm weather right now .... so.over.the.snow!

  4. Freezing? Oh I wish. We're in the triple digits in Texas and I don't see us cooling off any time soon. It's ridic! I love Florida though, so jealous!!