Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rockin' the beer gut!

This past Saturday we spent Cinco de Mayo hangin' out with Nickelback! and Seether...and Bush...and My Darkest Days...and it was AWESOME!!! The Captain may or may not have made an appearance too. In the form of a beer belly. 
Yes, that's right.. those classy ladies are in fact NOT pregnant, but are sportin' one of these under their dresses.  I personally thought they should have invested in these instead, but it surely wouldn't have been as funny.

A whole bunch of us pitched in to get a suite, fully equipped with food and drink. But dude, that sh*t was we resorted to multiple routes of smuggling.
You gotta do what you gotta do!

Not to mention, they didn't stock our preference. ANYWAY... a fantastic time was had by all, except maybe this guy... he may have pre-gamed a little too hard with the Captain.
 No worries...we were in a room full of Paramedics and Nurses, he was well taken care of! 

Every one of the bands put on a FANTASTIC show. 
 The lead singer of Bush climbed up in the crowd and performed while walking around the stadium...
Nickelback ascended up into the stands from a floating stage...
We watched it all from GREAT seats!
With great company! (some of Ed's siblings and their significant others)
AND, I really loved the halter top I was wearing. Click here to visit my Mom's blog and see how we transformed it from a MEN'S LARGE into what you see here. My Mommy is SO talented! Thanks again Mom!!!!


  1. I dunno about rockin' a beer gut...but you sure are rockin' the halter top!! ;-)

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! :)