Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fleet Week & a date night!

Here in Ft. Lauderdale we are celebrating Fleet Week. A few ships are in at the Port, and there is an Air and Sea Show going on at the beach as I type... We actually haven't had the Air and Sea Show in over 5 years so I'm sure the beach is PACKED! Due to the crowds (and some crappy weather) I've opted to pass on the occasion, but we did use it an excuse to take out our boat on Thursday evening. The boat hasn't been run in MONTHS due to conflicting schedules and windy weather. Plus, we were due for a good date night because that boy of mine has been putting in some serious hours at work over the past few weeks!

Nothing like a nice long ride down the Intracoastal with my boy to check out some cool ships! We cruised on down a few cities and stopped at a pizza joint on the water to indulge in some fattening pizza - loaded with veggies of course!!!
 My parents use to take me out of school for a day during Fleet Week when I was little so that we could go on public tours of the aircraft carriers. It was pretty cool! I used to collect hats from every ship I went on, and had quite a collection. They have really tightened up on security now and you have to apply for scheduled tours...BORING. 
I'm just as content to view them from the water these days... and I love cruising with my boy on our own boat :-)


  1. I would love to see something like that.

  2. I love that picture of you and Ed-it's a framer!

  3. Geesh, you missed TWO whole air shows!!! LOL Thanks for the beach fix via your pictures! :) Miss you!