Friday, June 1, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!

So I just found this new blog through  L.A.I.D who was doing a sponsor showcase.... and then through this new blog, I found this one. And I just had to follow both of them... because 1. I'm a sucker for things that are pink and nautical like First Comes Love's little logo, and 2. I love my fur baby and she linked up with Mrs. Monologue's Fur Baby Friday . Makes sense, right???
And now, I present you with my first Fur Baby Friday! 

This is my goofy girl... My sweet Zoey Monster. Yes, I just referred to her as sweet and a monster. Because, really, she is. But I love her to pieces. Even when she slobbers my face....and I really hate dog slobbers in the face. 


  1. Zoey is so cute! Seeing her makes me miss having a bigger dog! Thanks for the blog love :)

  2. You made perfect sense...sorta! ;-) xoxo

  3. Zoey is adorable!

    I'm stopping by to say hi from Fur Baby Friday!