Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Touring Tuesday!

The vote was pretty unanimous that everyone wanted to see the transformation of my house into a home, and if you don't - who cares. This is MY blog, and I can blog about whatever I want! :-P

Let me start off by saying that purchasing this house was the biggest headache I've ever had to deal with in my life. So much so, that we almost walked away from it more than once. I'm so glad we didn't though, because I love it. Most of the time. We literally started the purchase process in November of 2007 and didn't close until May 2008. We knew it needed a LOT of work, but we were really in love with the backyard and figured it would all be worth it. Plus, that boy of mine is pretty handy, and really enjoys a challenge. He also can't leave anything "stock" so it's always assumed that anything we ever purchase will be "customized". 

And...here it is! Our first little house.

It's nothing fancy...just a typical South Florida single family home from the 70's.

I know most of you are probably saying "Wth, I thought you said the backyard was what sold you Amy?!?!?!" And,well, it is! In this area, that's actually a pretty large backyard. The major selling point for us was that gate, with the road behind it that you see beyond the pool. The picture of the enclosure is actually taken from that street. For us, that means that we can park our boat back there! Right where that shed is actually....because that shed isn't there anymore. But that's a story for another day.

(Interesting fact: the pic on the bottom left was actually taken and sent from my phone to the boy the day that our realtor called and told me to scope the house out. From then on, he was hooked.)

Once all the purchasing drama was over, it was time to get to work. 

First stop - The Kitchen!

Yes, those cabinets above the stove are indeed upside down. 

Come back next week to see "Operation: RIP EVERYTHING OUT!"

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