Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm a Nurse!

You may have noticed that I've mentioned a few times in my previous posts that I've graduated!!!! What's that? You didn't? Then PAY MORE ATTENTION PEOPLE! This is a BIG deal! lol... Just kidding, I'm sure ya'll are quite observant bloggers. And I'm also sure you're ready to see some pictures of the event, aren'tcha? Well, here ya go!

Here I am all decked out in my cheesy dress and pantyhose!
Like my hat? lol...
I love this picture of me and my baby brother :)
My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Clyde surprised me and came in from Kentucky just to see me graduate! They rock!!!
My Family :)
Lined up waiting to get my certificate.
My turn! I used to hate this lady, she just about made me cry in clinicals. Looking back, she was one of the best teachers I had. Once I proved to her, and myself, that I was intelligent and confident, life got A LOT better.
Lighting our Florence Nightingale Lamps and saying our Pledge.
All done! I'm a nurse!
Mommy gives it 2 thumbs up! Derek says "thank goodness it's over, let's go eat!"
Sportin' my graduation gift from my Mommy. A new HOT PINK and personalized stethoscope.
Trying it out on my brother....
Yup, It's official, no heart. LOL.
My after graduation lunch party :)
Now I'm just spending my days relaxing, and studying for my state boards. I'm hoping to get approval to test sometime soon, and then I can work on getting into RN school, and possibly working.


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I was waiting for these pictures! you've busted your ass for this, I'm so proud of you Amy-lynn!

  2. Congratulations! I, for one, am jealous of your outfit! We had a pinning ceremony, but we never got to wear an officical nurse's cap or anything:(

  3. There are no words to describe how proud I am of you.... You worked studied made it happen... I am so impressed with your determination to make this happen....I Love you...and I am so very proud of you..My Sweet, beautiful Daughter..the Nurse!...Love you forever,*)..Mommy

  4. that's amazing, congrats!!! while the hat is pretty freaking awesome...the stethoscope totally wins out!! pink AND personzalized?! love it!!

  5. How cute is that outfit?! :) Congratulations!

  6. Congrats, that is so exciting!! Good luck with your boards!!

  7. congrats i know what a big deal this is... good luck w/your studies! keep us posted

  8. CONGRATS friend!! SO exciting! That outfit is adorable!

  9. Congratulations!!! So thrilling! Yay for nurses. Seriously.

  10. Congrats!! You look so cute in your outfit!