Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Omen?

Today was the big day guys! I put on some comfy clothes, took a few deep breaths, loaded up in the truck that the boy so graciously left me to drive (since the a/c is broken in my car), and headed out to take the big ol' nasty test that would determine if I would be a Licensed Practical Nurse sooner, rather than later. I think I did okay. I won't know for sure until tomorrow.... and it's kindda hard to explain, but basically...I either did really well, or I really suck. And I don't think I suck. I hope. Besides, my mom said I tested on a good day. I didn't know it when I picked the day.. I just picked it because it had a time available that wasn't at the butt crack of dawn.... but, today is Nurse's Appreciation Day and the first day of National Nurses Appreciation Week! I know the day is almost over and it's probably a little bit late to run on out and hug a nurse, but you could at least keep all us nurses in your thoughts this evening and remember that we all worked really hard to be the best that we can be - FOR YOU!

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