Monday, May 31, 2010

The other day we received our local paper in the mail, and I opened it up just like any other day right to the coupon insert. Just by chance, before I threw it away, I glanced at the page next to it where they had a tribute to our local heroes who had lost their lives overseas. Right smack dab in the middle of that page was this picture....

That's my high school friend Chris who lost his life back in 2006. It was a sad moment to see his face in the middle of that page, but as tears came to my eyes, I realized that Chris wouldn't want me to cry. He would want me to think of the happy times we had together. So I did. I pulled out my photo album from high school, and looked through pictures of all the crazy things we did together and all the fun we had. And then I said a prayer for Melissa. I prayed that I would never open up my local paper and see this face there across from the coupon insert.

So on this day, I'm thinking of Chris, and remembering our good times. And thinking of Melissa, and saying a prayer that she will return safely.

As you spend time with your friends today, out by the pool, with burgers on the grill.... Please take a moment and pray for those who are missing someone special at their bbq.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!


  1. I hope your friends family has found some peace and best of luck to your friend serving!

  2. So glad you were able to see the good in what could be a sad day:) Praying for your friend Melissa!

  3. Thinking of Chris and Melissa....