Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Boy Toys

Last week when I informed the boy that we were going to celebrate his birthday early, I was met with slight protest. See, his actual birthday is July 3rd, so celebrating on June 15th is a tiny bit ridiculous... but I had a good reason! I told him that my mom was going to be out of town so much in the next few weeks, it was the only way it was going to work and he would just have to deal with it! Little did he know... we actually pushed it up so that he could have his gifts before we went on vacation this past weekend.

Fishing shirts are definitely a necessity in the Keys!
But this next gift is even MORE of a necessity.... can you see the excitement on his face?
He definitely started making the Tim Allen "argh argh argh" noise at this point.
My handsome boy and his new power tool. lol..... The Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker Explorer. (aka a battery powered frozen drink maker!!!!!)

Stay tuned for a vacation re-cap, equipped with concoction pictures!


  1. that thing is awesome, where did you find it?!

  2. Everyone needs a margarita maker for the Keys!

  3. What fun....yay for Margarita makers!