Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yay for Swap Packages!!!

My Flip Flop Summer Swap package came in today, and it's awesome!!!! Look at all the great stuff that Steph at Flip Flop Chic picked out for me! She did darn good. In fact, I'm pretty sure she did better for me than I did for her.... It's kindda embarassing actually! :(
But anyway... here it is!
Can you see all that goodness? A cute tote bag (covered in flip flops of course!), flippy floppies, a doggy flip flop toy for the Zoey Monster, a cute beachy magnetic note pad, a re-usable water bottle (also covered in flip flops!), some Ulta pink polish, Avon hand and foot cream, chap stick, and a cute little Key Chain from her store!
Time for a close up...See, isn't it cute?
It's already attached to my keys :)

Thanks for all the great stuff Steph! And thank you Jess for hosting such a fun swap!!!!


  1. So glad you like it! I had a blast putting it together, and getting to know you! Can't wait until mine arrives! :)

  2. YAY!!!!

    How fun!

    LOL, I'm pretty sure that Steph did better than I did for my partner (which is SUPER embarassing, lol).

  3. omg sooo jealous....i want to do a swap time let me know when one is! :o)

  4. wow! thats some flip flop HEAVEN!!!