Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zoey's "Tucker Max incident"

If you've ever read, or seen, "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", you already know where I'm going with this. If not, just keep reading....

Since I was gone for a week, and the Boy had to work some 24 hour shifts during that time, my sweet Zoey went to Grandpa camp for a week. Thankfully, Grandpa takes good care of her, but he spoils the crap out of her, literally. Someone got a few too many cheap treats and thanksgiving leftovers (neither of which she is ever given at our house), and came home with what I can only describe as a puppy stomach bug. Poor thing was apparently up all night leaking out both ends while the Boy and I were passed out sick in bed. He woke up to her banging against the wall, and I woke up to him saying "Honey, I hate to wake you up with this and leave, but we've got a "stinky" situation." Not even kidding, that's what he said.... That Boy's got jokes I tell ya.

So, I did a little "Fall Cleaning" yesterday. I moved furniture, mopped twice, Swiffered until there was nothing left to Swiffer, washed rugs and puppy beds, and scrubbed the puppy down too. Way more than any sick person should, but I was on a roll and was determined to get rid of the stench that was making me gag more than my usual snotty self. Apparently I over-did it a little with the Swiffer though because my gas detector detected a chemical smell, and the next thing I knew, my house alarm was going off. Whoopsy. I missed the call from the alarm company, called them back, got disconnected, called back again, and I'm pretty sure I finally got the message to the guy that "NO, I do NOT need the Fire Department" just in time.

See? I told you yesterday was eventful! Not much fun, but eventful! I'm happy to report that my sweet Zoey Monster is feeling much better today. She has actually picked up her toys a few times, and continues to try and recruit me to play with her. Unfortunately, I think I over-did it yesterday and I'm feeling pretty crappy.... I'm keeping up on the Emergen-C and fluids though, because I'm ready to kick this cold out and get on with the decorating! Tomorrow is December for crying out loud and the only thing I have done so far is put away my fall decorations!!!

With my little helper by my side... hopefully we can get some Holiday Cheer around here by the end of the week!