Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I blame Zoey. (plus a Target/Starbucks giveaway!!!)

I know I fell off the face of the blogging earth for a while. I apologize. I blame Zoey.

I mean, really? How am I supposed to blog when she is clawing at my hand every time I reach for the keyboard???

Okay okay, that's a lame excuse. I do have a lot of valid excuses, but I won't bore with those right now. Instead, I wanna tell you about an awesome giveaway. My IRL friend Jess, from Livin' on Sweet Tea is hosting a giveaway for one of  my two favorite things - Coffee, and Target!!!!! If you win, you can choose between $25 to Starbucks, or $25 to Target.....And if you live where I live, that's a big choice to choose from because we have a Starbucks INSIDE our Target!!!

No matter what, head on over and check her out... oh yeah, and sign up for her giveaway while you are there!


  1. bahaha i ALMOST put that part in about target having a starbucks, but i didnt want anyone to get jealous ;)

  2. Welcome back love....missed your face :)