Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Touring Tuesday - Kitchen Reveal

Last week I showed you the mess that was my kitchen...now let me show the beauty we are workin' with now!

The kitchen is the main focal point of our house. It's the first thing you see when you walk in the door, and it can be seen from every direction in our little home so it was really important to us that we went all out on it. 

We really didn't work on the house one room at a time, it was more like the whole house - one step at a time. After the ceiling was done in the kitchen, the lights and wiring went in, the walls and ceiling got knock down texturing, it was primed, the floors went in, and THEN it was time to paint. Mom, Step-dad and I painted the kitchen/living/dining room this green color that I am in love with. This green has made it's rounds...in fact, my best friend now has this color in her bedroom AND office because she loved it so much too. 

Here you can see our pretty new floors :-) and our wood cabinets that we assembled, with no instructions. And no, they weren't an Ikea special... lol....they just came from a small company for a good deal and I guess they figured if we were dumb brave enough to install them ourselves, we should be smart enough to assemble them ourselves too. That, or it was their failed evil ploy to get us to pay for them to do it. 

Then we had another assembly party for the upper cabinets. I'm vertically challenged so we called in the Step-dad and Step Brother for this project!

 Ta-da! Beautiful cabinets! And then..... there was GRANITE!!!!!

Ahhh.... beautiful clean countertops. Before we added all our STUFF!

This is pretty much what it looks like now. Except we have cabinets over the sink that we added at a later time. We were undecided initially about what we were going to do up there because the company we ordered from didn't sell anything that fit. We wound up ordering small cabinets and an extra doo-hickey that the boyfriend fabricated and made work quite nicely. He's awesome like that....

So, there ya have it! Our newly renovated kitchen!!!! It came a long way from this, huh?

We're pretty proud of it. 


  1. WOW! What a change! IT is beautiful!

  2. LOL...Jess, when I said that on one of her prior posts, she told me....it's NOT facebook, Mom....so, it's NOT facebook, Jess....(but I totally agree!!!!!!!! ;-)...)