Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Touring Tuesday - The Purple Bedroom

I'm gonna be totally honest and tell ya'll that I almost left ya hangin' again.... but here I am!

I have 30 minutes or less to publish this post on Tuesday, so I've picked a quick transformation to show ya'll this week. Our guest bedroom!

This house was previously owned by an elderly couple who were the guardians of their very young granddaughter. This granddaughter had a very pretty princess room. It was purple, with a pink accent wall, and a pretty little princess bed. 

As much as I love pink, purple, and pretty princess beds.... it just didn't quite fit our style.

The princess bed got sold and went to make another little girl very happy to transition to a big girl bed.

The floors got ripped up, the window got replaced, and the ceiling popcorn got scraped off.

Thanks Mom!!! This was a HORRIBLE job that us girls got stuck with. (that ceiling needed some repairs as well, it was a MESS!)

After the whole room was sprayed with knock down texturing.... It got painted a nice pretty yellow, and got a new ceiling fan and some soft squishy carpet floors. 

Funny story....we were SO stumped on what color to paint this room. I randomly thought about yellow one day and thought that there was no way The Boy would EVER go for that idea. Then, one night, he said "I was thinking about the color for the guest bedroom again - what do you think about yellow??" And yellow it was :-)

This isn't really what that room looks like anymore...but this is what it looked like when we moved in. We might have had an unfortunate accident with the mirrored closet doors that resulted in the use of a shower curtain rod and a sheet for over a year to hide our mess. And....we might have been lacking in a bit of furniture, but we made it work!

Anyone need a place to stay in SoFlo? 

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