Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Touring Tuesday - Operation Rip Everything OUT!

I know I left ya'll hangin' last week... sorry about that. I was very busy, and I have lots to tell you, but right now it's Tuesday - so let's tour!

Two weeks ago, I left you with this sneak peak of our original kitchen.

 Pretty scary, huh???

The first step was to start tearing it all apart so we could have a clean slate to work with. These homemade cabinets just weren't gonna cut it.

From the minute we walked into this house, we knew this wall HAD to go. It made the kitchen it's own little room that was super small and cramped, not to mention - HOT! In spite of the cheesy little ceiling fan that hung in the middle. The Boy had way too much fun with this part of the project.

Now that there was room to breathe, we could start ripping out the cabinets and such.

It was already looking SO much better! 

But, things have to look worse again before they get better. The drywall in the kitchen was NASTY and there was this icky drop ceiling that had to go now that the wall was gone. SO, out it all went!!!

See? Whats up with the weird ceiling??? eww....

What a mess! And the fun was just beginning. 

We took a sledge hammer to the tile, and then an industrial chipper....and then....we found 20 year old linoleum under it. NO FUN. Thankfully we were able to rent this nifty tool on the bottom right that helped get it up. Because let me tell you, it did NOT want to come up!

We were very lucky to have a LOT of help from family throughout this whole project. 

The Brother in laws, and my Step dad, came over and helped put up some new drywall, and it was time to start putting things back together! Putting it all together was a much slower process....and the Boy didn't find it nearly as exciting since now he had to be careful and meticulous.

 There are no sledge hammers to be used during assembly!

Next week - the finished product!

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  1. Oh boy, what a freakin' mess, can't wait to see the finished product.