Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's a bargain!

And we all know I can't resist a bargain!!!

Barnes and Noble is offering free shipping on orders of $10 or more! I just ordered 5 books for $14! The offer is only good until tomorrow, so check it out!!!! I also used the offer code J3W3F8B for 10% off of the highest priced item. It only saved me 40 cents... but still, I saved! I ordered all of my books off of the "Bargain Priced" list, so they were each less than $4. Supposedly the books on that list are slightly damaged and therefore they can't sell them in the stores for regular price, but I assume they are still readable, and that's all that matters really. I'll let you know what kind of condition they are in when they come in.

I'm also thinking about starting to use Bookmooch from now on to satisfy my book addiction. They are just too expensive to buy and let them sit on a shelf when I'm done with them. This way, when I'm done, I can just trade them online for something else I want to read! I figured buying bargain books would be a great way to build up my future trading collection. Have any of you ever used Bookmooch or something similar?

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  1. Check out too. I love it -- and their is no out of pocket cost to ship, it is all a points system and prepaid shipping. Each book costs you (I think) $4.49 and then whatever point amount.