Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thank you Arby's

Generally speaking, I am a pretty healthy eater.... In this house we eat a lot of veggies, we try and eat low carb, and good carbs, salads with dinner on most nights, etc etc.... Well lately, I have been a total fata**. I have been CRAVING junk. We got into a little funk around here, and stopped eating so healthy, ate more convenience foods, and *gasp* got used to it! I am so used to it in fact, that I am not craving my healthy food addictions anymore. Until today of course. I would like to thank Arby's for putting an end to my junk food binge. I'll take salads for the rest of my life now, please.

I was up late studying last night, and didn't get around to packing my lunch for school. I thought I would wake up this morning and do it, but definitely woke up too late for that. (If you know me in real life, you probably know that this is not a surprise....) Anyway, during lunch today I had to run over to Office Depot, and Arby's is in the same parking lot.... and it's fast.... and a chicken sandwich of some sort sounded good.... and I'm a fata**.... so there I went.

I can't tell you exactly why it was bad. It just was. Or maybe I was just over the junk food thing before I even knew it. The only reason I was even able to finish it is because I was STARVING. Whatever the case may be.... I'm done. Over it. No more junk for me please. I'd like to go back to my old self.... my salad eating, whole grain gobbling, carrot munching, cottage cheese loving self. Any maybe even get my booty back in the gym!!!!!! (hahahaha...)

Oh, and a fun fact about Arby's: the company I used to work for processed their W2's.... Their company actually goes by the name Sybra. Ya know... Arby's spelled backwards? Won't tell ya how long it took me to figure that one out ;-)


  1. Once you start eating junk food, it is SO hard to stop!!! And that is amusing about their W2s....

  2. I wish I craved good foods! I just don't see myself searching the house for a carrot like I do chocolate, haha!

  3. Why in the heck would they do that on their W2s?? So weird.

    Props to you though-you TRIED to be healthy and go for the chicken! :)

  4. And just so you know-I read this right after devouring my 2 slices of Godfather's pizza.

  5. LOL... a crispy chicken bacon and swiss is not even close to healthy, Paige. You are skinny, keep eatin' your pizza. :)