Friday, July 10, 2009

Nerd Alert!

Remember my post about Barnes and Noble's big sale the other day? Where I just couldn't resist a bargain? In case you forgot, it's here.

Anyway. I got my loot of new bargain books yesterday!!!!

5 books for $14! I'm so stoked. I added up the actual cost of these books, and it totaled over $60! That's just crazy!!! Oh, and btw.... there is NOTHING wrong with these books. I have no idea why they were classified as "bargain books". They have a line of black marker on the ends on them, but that's about it. They are in perfect condition!

Yay for bargains! and book worms :)


  1. looks like there's a trip to B&N in my weekend plans!!

  2. I love sale books! Although I hate when I bought a book "new" and then find it "bargined"!

  3. you're gonna share with Mom, yes???? 8-D