Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Dilemma!

Exciting news!!! In about 1 month (March 23rd to be exact), I will be graduating from LPN school! (pending I pass 2 more tests, but of course I'll pass... right? I hope... pray for me...) Anyway...

I'll be lighting my little candle..
Sportin' one of these goofy things on my head...
With this little number...
Some tacky white stockings... and....

Here's where we come to my dilemma!

I bought these shoes a few months ago on sale, but they only had them in a 6.5.
Turns out, I needed a 6. With thick socks, they would be okay... with tacky white stockings, they are floppy and goofy. SO, I'm on the hunt for them in a 6, which I've found.
BUT they are not even CLOSE to being on sale.

In the process, I also came across these....Which are MUCH cheaper.
But I can't decide which ones I want! Now, neither of them are all that comfy really. And I don't really love either of them... but they are the cutest nursing shoes I've seen yet. So, I need YOU to help me make the decision!

It may not be the cutest ensemble in the world, but I DO have to be seen in public in it! And I'm pretty sure my mom ALREADY has her camera ready....


  1. Awww so cute! I'd say go with the comfiest first! If neither are comfy, go with the cheaper! They both look similar enough that I'd go with price! :)

  2. They are both the cutest that I have seen!! I say go with the cheapest if they aren't different in comfort levels!!!

  3. I actually think the cheaper ones are cuter!

  4. If neither are comfy then go with the cheaper ones.

  5. How exciting!! Time goes by so fast! I can't believe your already almost done!!

    That sucks the othere ones are too big! I would just get he cheaper ones since you really won't wear them much.

  6. Go with what makes you feel good! I am so proud of you, and you are going to be the best nurse ever!

  7. I definitely vote for the 2nd ones, and that's coming from a nurse!;)