Thursday, February 4, 2010


Happy Birthday Jess-ka!!

Ok, so THIS post is actually late.. It's not Jess's Birthday month anymore, but she still shouldn't be left out! Just like my birthday, we celebrated Jessica's birthday a little after the actual day too, but who cares! Because, remember - around here, we celebrate BirthMONTHS! :)

We spent most of the evening playin' a mean game of Ring of Fire.

Sharin' seats...
Jess gettin' her RockStar on!
Cheesin' with Kimmy!
The game ended with the boy's splitting the King Cup and naming it "The Jessica!" lol.. (nobody else would drink that crap! nasty!!!)
Then it was time for some beer pong.
And the night ended with some indecent exposure.
And Jessica's lovely husband strikin' some ridiculous poses!

Fun times!!!! Happy Birthday Jess!!!!


  1. Lol....Looks like you guys really had fun! :)

  2. ha it made for osme fun pictures even if frankie and I got in a fight lol