Friday, February 26, 2010

I smell like a boy.

More specifically, MY boy.

Why? Because I had to drive his car to school today.

Now.. this really doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was really quite dramatic. You see.... I carelessly left my car keys in his truck last night when we went to the gym. I had used them to get my book out of my car before we left and then just left them in his cupholder. So this morning... he took them for a ride to the fire station today where they will remain for 24 hours. You might think that since we all know that I never used to have a spare house key until it became a problem, I might not have a spare car key. But you're wrong. I do have a spare. And I keep it in Ed's truck. I know, I'm a genious.

When I realized this, I called him in a panic to verify that I had, indeed, left my keys where I feared I had. He says "okay, so just take the Camaro to school". I laughed. And then thought about crying. And then thought about calling out sick. And then laughed some more. The Camaro is his race car. It's all decked out with a roll cage, nitrous, harnesses instead of seatbelts, and the big dilemma- a racing seat. A bolted down to the height of a 6'3" driver, racing seat. I'm 5 foot. So he tells me it's okay. He says "Go get this tool thing, and put it in this bolt thing, and move the seat thing, and you'll be fine" (or something like that). Needless to say, I couldn't find the thing that you put the thing into, and started freaking out and getting mad... So we just decided that I would drive on the edge of the seat. IF I could manage to get it out of the driveway since it was blocked in by MY car, and if I could figure out how to drive it.

After a 10 minute over the phone driving course on how to drive this contraption equipped with it's racing transmission that isn't stick, and isn't exactly automatic - I drove around the block (with him on the phone) and decided to pray, and head on out. I stalled 3 times backing out of the driveway, managed to get stuck in a rut of only being able to get into reverse and first gear, called him back in a panic, figured it out, and got to school 30 minutes late. But dangit! I made it! I had some grease on my sleeve, got a lot of weird looks, and I smelled like race car exhaust... but I made it! I also came to clinicals equipped with nothing but a pen because my bag with all of my supplies was in the trunk of my car... but I don't have an absent mark next to my name today!

Obviously I survived the ride home as well because I'm sitting here telling you my story, but the whole day certainly was an interesting experience! I'm quite proud of myself actually. I didn't do too bad, and I'm no longer intimidated by the idea of driving it... It's definitely not comfortable, and if I ever have to do that again, I'm bringing some pillows to fill the gap between my back and the actual back of the seat!!!!

Oh, and I think I'll be making another spare car key too!


  1. I'm so proud of you! Good Job! At least it's not an embarrassing ride....Did I ever tell you about the time that I had to drive the green truck to work??? no??...remind me sometime....Love you!!!! 8-)

  2. You have NO idea how funny this is to me! My husband is 6'3" and the seat in his car is broken, so it's stuck in 6'3" driver mode. The first time I realized this I was really pissed. I was running late for work, and I didn't want to drive his hunk of junk in the first place. I tried and tried the lever to get the seat to move, but it just made a groaning noise.

    I ended up peeling out of the driveway on the edge of the seat and drove the whole 35 miles to work on the expressway using my big freakin' toe because that's the only thing that would reach!

    So, needless to say, I feel your pain. Only your bf's car is a way cooler ride than my husband's jalopy!

  3. Good job girl.
    I would have just skipped school :)

  4. I live in fear of getting stuck driving my husband's manual truck in cases like these! I can barely drive a stick shift with him talking me through it!

  5. hahaahaha i could have taken you to school or soemthing dummy! or you can keep a spare here and at your house lol

  6. Hahaha this is hilarious!! Thanks for making me smile today!