Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I just Simply Love it!

Remember back when I told you about the Simply Love Swap? Well, I got my box from my swap partner in the mail yesterday - and I Simply LOVE everything!!!!!

Evelyn at "Oh my word" sent me a really cute card, some P.S. I love you hand lotion from Bath and Body Works that smells SO good, some shimmery lip gloss, a super cute necklace, some lolli's, home-made heart shaped brownies that I bit right into immediately after snapping this photo, and some way cool buckeye peanut butter and chocolate candies.
Quite appropriate since Evelyn is from Ohio... ya know, the Buckeye state?
Aren't they cool? They look like buckeyes AND they are yummy!

Thanks for everything Evelyn! I LOVE it all!!!!!

And thanks for hosting such a great swap Katie!


  1. HOORAY! so glad it worked out so nicely for you :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you liked everything! And I couldn't resist sending a little Buckeye love to someone in Florida ;)

    Happy early Valentine's Day!!

  3. What a fun swap! Looks like you got lots of nice goodies!

  4. I wish I did this swap. It sounds like so much fun! The brownies are so cute and I love that scent from B&BW!

  5. What a cute swap....those heart brownies look delish!

  6. Great stuff! Following you one love swaper to another!

  7. I LOVE Buckeyes!!! I am so jealous right now. I need to forward Evelyn my addy ASAP! lol

    Stopping by from Katies =D

  8. omg those buckeye treats were a scream! too bad i didn't use my creative juices and think to do something like that from my state!