Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad, bad, blogger...

I have been an awful blogger! I haven't written anything in 11 days!!!! I'm not really sure why exactly..... some interesting stuff has come and gone in the past 11 days, and I have thought about blogging, I just never get the energy to do so. I still remember these things, I might have to blog about them over the next few days. But today, let me give a short explanation of my best excuse for why I have not been in the mood to write about my life.

So my career as a student nurse hasn't gone so well.... The first part of my 11 day hiatus was spent studying for a really big test in school. And the second part was spent sulking over my horrible grade on said test... :( So things didn't go so well, and studying didn't pay off, so I have withdrawn. It would have been almost impossible to pass the semester, and rather than risk hurting my GPA, I have dropped out so I can try again. At this point, I, along with Ed and my mom, have decided that my schools teaching methods are not working for me. Sooooo, my next step is to look into other schools in the area, and hope that I can get in with my not so lovely record and GPA. This afternoon I am going to make a semi-long haul up to Lake Worth and check out Palm Beach Community Colleges Nursing Information Meeting. Wish me luck. I'm hoping I can find a good match, and get back into a program as soon as possible. As is, it looks like the soonest I will be back in school is August. That seems sooooo far away!!!!

On the plus side... not being in school means that travel plans for my cousin Paiges wedding at the end of May (of which I'm a bridesmaid in) will be much less stressful! I won't have to worry about missing school, or study time, and I can leave in time to make the rehearsal dinner on Friday night which is something that I was pretty sure I was going to have to miss. I'm pretty excited about this, and I'm sure that when she reads this she will be too :) I haven't been up to Kentucky in over a year, and I'm waaaaaayyyyy overdue for some time up there with my awesome family. Lots has been going on without me... and it makes me sad. For example.... My cousin Heather's baby's first birthday was last month.... then she had another baby.... Paige had a bridal shower.... and now my other cousin Ashley's baby's first birthday is TODAY! She is so cute! Look at Miss Riley, how could you look at this face and not smile!?!?!?!?!?


Check out her Aunt Paige's blog for more...


  1. Yay! My AWESOME daughter is back to her AWESOME blogging! I Love you.'re the best Daughter (and blogger) I know!

  2. Ok. So this comment has mixed feelings. I'm sorry school sucked so bad, hopefully a new school with new teachers will help. There will always be a nursing program here at Tucky.
    Second-YAYYYYYYYYYY for getting to Tucky for time for the rehearsal! I think you should just truck it on up here now and hang out until then!! =)

  3. Ya know, I was about to write a post saying that I' was disapointed with u for not blogging! but all is forgiven, you have good reasons. Good Luck today!

  4. i hope things all work out for you