Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I Love Thursdays

I was outside this afternoon watering my tomato plants, and I was inspired. I LOVE TOMATOES!!! (Especially fresh garden tomatoes. Not that crap you buy in the grocery store. They are never even close to as good.) My Pappy gave me some plants not long after we moved in. At first they weren't doing so well... I think our unusually cold winter didn't really help, but now that it's warm and sunny, and we are getting some rain, they are really taking off!!!!! Well the one on the left is anyway... it even has some 'maters getting red!!! This little guy is just so cute!The Cherry tomato one doesn't look as healthy... but it has lots of little 'maters on it, and it's getting healthier every day!!This even inspired my lunch this afternoon. I had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with tomato soup! I burnt my finger and my bread in the process, but it was still good! I like my tomato soup with some croutons, cheddar cheese, and even a few bacon bits sprinkled on top....



  1. How on earth you make reading about tomatoes interesting is beyond me...but you did..8-), Love, Mom

  2. hahahaha... I don't... It just gives me something to do :)