Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's about time!

At the airboat show there was this booth that really caught my eye... It was run by a girl who makes clothing with fish and stuff on them for girls. It's about damn time!!!!!! I have Guy Harvey shirts and stuff... but I really don't wear them all that often, because they are not made to fit women in a flattering way. Apparently this girl from Jupiter, FL felt the same way. The clothes are SOOOO cute. Unfortunately I didnt get to buy anything from them because I didnt have any money, and sadly, they were not there on Sunday. I did manage to hunt someone down who was wearing one of their tanks and get the name they have "trademarked" on all their clothes. "Dressed to Kill". After much searching on the internet, and some frustrations after finding out there is actually a company in Jupiter called Dressed to Kill that is NOT theirs.. I came accross her website. Check it out, her stuff is so cute! Especially the dresses! Kudos to this girl for coming up with this awesome clothing line. I hope to purchase some stuff from her some day in the near future (when I can afford to). Not that it's all that expensive, the shirts and stuff average around $25, I'm just living on a housewife budget here people! lol

Good luck to her... hopefully one day her signature

will be as popular as this one


  1. finally! i'm reposting this! and well I dont hope that her name is as famous cuz the cost would go up! lol

  2. hahahaha, true.... It's already pretty close though!