Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farewell crazy mangoes...

My 10 day break just FLEW by! I knew it would, but it's still annoying! I'm not all that disappointed though. I got to do almost everything I wanted. I didn't have as many lazy/boring days to get little non-important things done as I thought I would, but that's okay too.

I let my nails grow out, and painted them a nice BRIGHT color.

Mangoes Loco to be exact!

I spent a day with my bestest friend from high school, and spent that evening with another special friend from high school. We went to see Time Travelers Wife, ate some pizza, and stood around in the parking lot reminiscing about the good ol' days for a few hours!

And then... thankfully... the storms that were heading towards Florida decided to stay far far away, and we took a last minute trip to the keys! So I packed up my shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and bikini's... and the boyfriend took me and my Crazy Mangoes down to paradise for 4 days :)

I love the keys, and our lazy days on the boat out in the sun!

I made it back in time for Jess's bridal shower on Sunday, and on Monday it was time to say goodbye to my Crazy Mangoes, and get back to the books! School started off in full force and we had our first test today. (In case you care, I got an 87) Tomorrow I have my first day of clinicals, so I was able to slack a bit and relax tonight since I don't have anything to prepare for.... Hopefully I have some time to get a little bit ahead of the game this weekend so I can spend some more time relaxing next week, but I doubt it. We have LOTS going on this weekend, and I have 2 tests next week, back to back! I'll try my hardest though, stick with me!

OH! And I almost forgot!!!! Happy 100th Post to ME!


  1. I LOVE that color!! Was the Time Travelers Wife good or sad?

  2. Looks like a great break, Glad you enjoyed!