Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ticked Off Thursday

I can't stand it when people who can't drive try to squeeze their cars into spaces they shouldn't, and leave other peoples car's looking like this!

I'm pretty sure the car that was parked next to me when I came out, is NOT the car that did this. However, I couldn't check to clarify, because they parked too close too. So close in fact that I couldn't even see this mark on my door, and didn't even notice it until I got to my next destination. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Now... I know I don't drive the newest, nicest, most expensive car out there, but I worked hard for that car and it would be nice if people had a little respect for other people's posessions. Now I'm not askin' for a pity party here or anything, and don't get me wrong, I am grateful for everything I have ever had... but I drove a 1990 Dodge Caravan with no A/C and no front bumper with peeling paint throughout high school. It wasn't mine, I was just allowed to drive it to school and stuff. Then my aunt loaned me a 90 something Ford F-150 long bed for a while. (that pretty much wreaked of gasoline for some reason) But..The first car that was ever MINE was 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier that my mom bought me a few years ago. (Thanks Mommy!) Unfortunately, I wrecked it a few months later. I then dove right into this 2002 Honda Accord, with some help from my insurance money from the Cavalier, and my mom, I put a nice down payment on it, and financed the rest. I have worked hard to keep it maintained, and I put as much money as I possibly could towards my payments so that I was able to pay it off before I left work for nursing school. It's MINE. I own it. I appreciate it. I worked hard for it. I try to keep it in good condition. And I DO NOT appreciate this big ugly scratch/paint/whatever the heck you wanna call it down my driver's side door. GRRRRRR!


  1. that's so sad...and you're right, there are just too many people out there that have no appreciation for anything anymore...and you are also right about working hard to pay this off and working hard to keep it nice and in great condition....I sowry...bummer...

  2. GRRRRR to that person! I know what you mean about appreciating it-they should get their asks kicked!

  3. Ooooohhh that stinks!! I would be so mad!! I have a couple of little dings on my doors from people slamming their doors open into mine in parking lots. So rude!!!

  4. People are so horrible sometimes! There was a lady that worked in my old building that was like a walking stick and she would park her car RIGHT beside yours -- I had to go in through the other side sometimes she was so close! I'm sorry your car got hurt!