Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wondering where I have been?

I know... I've been slackin' on bloggin'... I promise I have good excuses though!

Wow... my last blog was on July 20th!!!! Whoops.... Anyway. Things have been mucho crazy around here. School is wrapping up for the semester, and I have been trying really hard to stay on top of things and keep my grades up. Which I am in succeeding in... I got another A last week ;-). No complaints here!!!!!! The other reason I have been trying to keep on top of my school work was so that I could afford to play hooky for 2 1/2 days. Yup, that's right, I played hooky.

Last Saturday I went to a bridal shower for my friend Danielle, then rushed home to change and pack and drove to the keys for some of this...

I skipped clinicals on Monday for some more of this....

(I got the biggest catch of the day of course)

And then drove home Monday night to be back in class on Tuesday. (Leaving the boyfriend behind with my godparents for some more of that...) Then I went to class and studied uber hard for 2 days, took a test on Thursday (my A) and signed myself out right after to drive back down for some of this.... Thank goodness it's only a 2 hr drive!!!

We go EVERY year, I couldn't resist!

I came back home on Saturday after some more of that fishing stuff, to rush off (in every sense of the word) to a Bachelorette party for my friend Jess! Partied hard, went to bed at 5 am, spent Sunday cleaning, laundrying, cooking, spending time with the boyfriend and the puppy dog! The puppy dog who I missed so dearly that we had picked up from a full fun filled week at Grammy Angie Camp! I planned on doing some Mutt Monday yesterday about that, but got tied up with that studying junk again :( No worries, there is always next week!
Grammy Angie took LOTS of pictures!

So anyway, that's why I have been MIA lately. I apologize.

On a sadder note... I know some of you have been following me for a while and following Ed's Grandma's story. So, I wanted to share with you that we got the sad news today of her passing. Please say a prayer for the family as they truly need your thoughts and comfort at this time. She will be missed greatly.

This is Grandma meeting Zoey for the first time last year on Christmas.


  1. aww, other than sad news, sounds like you've been having a blast! start checking your mailbox soon....=)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Grandma. :(

    It looks like you had a blast this week!

  3. Kimmy told me about Grandma, but it didnt hit me until I just saw this picture. Now I'm about to cry... damn.

  4. Sorry to hear about Ed's Grandma -- sending good thoughts your way!

    Seems like you've been having lots of fun -- A's = a much deserved break!

  5. First and foremost, I am so sorry to hear about Ed's grandfather. I know it has been a tough road, and hopefully y'all will find some peace now.

    Secondly, I am UBER jealous of all the fishing!! Like, so jealous. It looks like a blast, and I have always wanted to get something that big! I have got to visit sometime.

    I hope y'all are well! I've missed our regular exchanges. :( It sounds like you've been just as busy as I've been. Hope to talk soon!

  6. Grandmother, not grandfather. Geez, I'm just now having my coffee...

  7. Just want you to know, First of all, how proud I am of you!!! You are such a great,-- I was going to say "young lady" but woman is a more appropriate word now :)(even though I hate to admit it) with all you are juggling in your life you are keeping it together and balanced. I love you and admire you!

  8. I AM SO impressed with your fishing skills! My hubby loves to fish and we often go out to the lake...but we never catch anything that big (i'm not sure there are any fish out there that big!)..they did, however, catch a small shark at the beach two weeks ago.

    cute blog--i'm enjoying it!