Saturday, August 15, 2009

A whole TEN. DAYS. OFF!

Yes, that's right... I have successfully completed Term 2 (with a B!!!!!) and I now have TEN whole days off from school! Yesterday was my first full day off, and I spent it doing productive things I have been meaning to get done, and then spent some time with family (which was also much needed). But now... what to do with the next 9 days? I'm not exactly sure of what all I will be doing, but here are some things I for sure will/will NOT be doing!

  • I will NOT be filing my nails down on a regular basis so that they don't pass my fingertips
  • I WILL keep polish on those nails, not just the colors you can see through
  • I will NOT wear all white sneakers every day
  • I will NOT wake up every day at 6:45 (really more like 7....but I won't do that either)
  • I WILL spend time in/by my pool
  • I WILL play with my puppy dog
  • I WILL spend at least one day with my friends
  • I WILL get some projects finished (and share them on my blog!)
  • I WILL read a book, just for fun
  • I WILL get the homework done that my teacher assigned (because she's a butt) so that I'm not behind when I start Term 3. (I'm not excited about this, but it needs to be done)
Anyone else got ideas for things I should do while I'm off? It's going to fly by soooo fast, I just know it! :(


  1. I can't believe you have homework on your break!!! Boo!

  2. Lay around and truely do NOTHING! That is something I never did while in grad school because I always felt like I should be doing something (like homework) even if I was slacking. Enjoy yourself!

  3. Congrats on the B! I hope you enjoy your time off!

  4. uhh, you could come to Ky for a visit ? :)