Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mmmmm COFFEE!!!!!

Has anyone else tried Mc Donald's Sugar Free French Vanilla Iced Coffee??? It's pretty darn amazing. The boyfriend and I are slightly addicted to coffee. I drink it almost every morning, and I crave it on a regular basis. I am, however, NOT a Starbucks girl. I prefer Dunkin'. BUT.... I have to say... McDonalds's is giving Dunkin' a run for it's money with the new McCafe line. Especially with the Sugar Free French Vanilla. YUM!


  1. I used to drink the sugar free french vanilla from McD as well, but they were very inconsistant with how they made it and it was frustrating! Good luck I hope they serve you better :-)

  2. I just saw your comment - how funny that you wrote about this today, too! (I swear I didn't see it!!!)

    I haven't tried McDonald's, but I will have to the next time I have the chance!

  3. I am obsessed with the caramel frappes. They are liquid crack...LOL!