Friday, September 18, 2009

The Big Reveal!

FINALLY! I had to time to clean my bathroom today, and I can post pictures without being totally embarrassed! lol. I have to say, for the time it took for this "little" project to be completed, I'm a tiny bit disappointed. It doesn't have the "wow" effect that I thought it would have on me. Maybe it's just because it looks exactly like I thought it would. (We've only had the parts to do it in the garage for like A YEAR now..... )

In any case, it's still a HUGE improvement from what it was, and...
I like it.
(ignore the open outlets... Ed needs to replace them still)
LOVE my double towel bar :)

I think the window needs a valance or something, it's plain. And I'd like to get a small basket or something for the back of the toilet. What do ya'll think? Any ideas for the window? It's so blah!

Did anyone else notice that it was like a potty party in the blog world over the weekend? Two other bloggers I follow worked on their bathrooms last weekend. And... I feel like I had seen another 1 somewhere, but I can't seem to find it now to link you. Anyway. Everyones came out GREAT! Check them out!