Friday, September 25, 2009

It's the thought that counts...

A few years ago, some of my wonderful family came down here from Kentucky and went with us crazy people from Florida to a Kenny Chesney concert. We had THE BEST time! We all piled into a limo and cruised on up to West Palm Beach where we saw Gary Allen, Sugarland, and of course, Kenny! (Just for the record, I LOVE me some Kenny!). I was pretty excited when I heard that Sugarland was going to be down here in S. Florida this week and I REALLY wanted to go. They were so amazing when we saw them in West Palm. Jennifer Nettles is jam packed with energy and they put on an awesome show!!! However, being a non-working, full time student, un-wife housewife with a serious case of "Fundsalow", I didn't push the issue with the boyfriend. (or splurge and buy tickets for myself as much as I was tempted) So last night was the concert, and all day long they have had on radio how AWESOME it was. I'm a little jealous. Okay, so a lot jealous. But I am reminded of a silly conversation I had last night with the boyfriend that makes me smile. Last night, I was sitting on the couch and happened to mention to Ed that I was bummed that we weren't going to Sugarland. You know what he said? "That was tonight, huh? Actually, it's a funny thing honey... I was going to buy us tickets to go and surprise you when I found out they were coming.... and I even had it all looked up online, but the service charge at Ticketmaster was outrageous. I figured I would just stop by FYE one day and pick them up and save the charge. But then I forgot. Sorry. I was gonna!!!!" Now of course I had to laugh at this, and still feel totally touched at the same time. It was such a sweet thought! He really NEVER thinks to do things like that. It's a shame he forgot to follow through with it. So, instead of an A for effort, he gets an A-. He still gets an A though! It's the thought that counts!!! Too cute!!!!! I can't be too upset though. I happen to know that a trip to the Keys to a REALLY NICE resort (instead of my grandparents house) is in the works. It'll be nice to go out to eat and have housekeeping instead of doing the cooking and cleaning at the house. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out. I'll keep you posted ;-)


  1. At least you got an evening home with him! And yay! about the resort trip :)

  2. I'm probably only a few hour drive, I def. would have gone with you! :)

    Hope the trip works out for you

  3. the concert was great..i drove down from va for it.... but he sounds like a sweetie