Sunday, October 18, 2009

5 Years...

This past Thursday, the 15th, was the Boy and I's 5 year dating anniversary! I can't believe 5 years have flown by so fast!!! We have come so far and done so much together... Sometimes it feels like a short time, and other times it feels like forever. I had intended to post this on Thursday but things have been crazy around here. My friend Jess got married yesterday and we had some out of town guests stay at our house for the wedding. I had 2 tests this week, a project due on Thursday, the rehearsal dinner was Thursday night, and the guests came in on Thursday as well. Needless to say, Ed and I did nothing for our anniversary. Ed says I owe him a night so we can go out to dinner somewhere nice, just the 2 of us. I can't wait!!!

Anyway, Loves of Life posted this survey the other day, and I thought it would be fitting to share it with you in honor of our anniversary so you could learn a little bit about us :)

What are your middle names?

Lynn and James

How long have you been together?
5 years

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
about 5 years!!!

Who asked who out?
It was never really an official “asking out”. We had been friends for so long… and finally we were both grown and single, and we decided to go see a movie together. That was our first “official date” and then we just sorta became a couple.

Who made the first move?
Oh boy… I have no idea.

How old are each of you?
He’s 25 and I’m 24. We’re 6 months apart though so for ½ of the year we are the same age.

Did you go to the same school?
Nope. We lived across the county from each other and he was home schooled and I went to public high school.

Are you from the same home town?
Sorta. Same county….

Who is the smartest?
Ummm, we’re both intelligent in different things so that’s a tough call. I wouldn’t say one of us was smarter than the other…

Who majored in what?
He’s a Firefighter/Paramedic, and I’m a nursing student.

Who is the most sensitive?
TOTALLY me, hands down..

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
We usually cook at home for the most part, but we probably eat out at Chili’s the most.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Hmmm, I guess Kentucky

Who has the worst temper?
Oh, I dunno… I guess me. He’s pretty quiet and tries to keep his cool.

How many children do you want?
ZERO, don’t criticize, we have our reasons.

Who does the cooking?
We take turns. No lie. He’s a REALLY good cook, but usually I have more time.

Who is more social?
Me, me, me!!!!! I can make friends almost anywhere and he’s super quiet and would rather stay at home.

Who is the neat-freak?
Neither of us is a neat freak, but neither of us are super messy either. It definitely bothers me more when the house is a mess.

Who is the most stubborn?
HIM! He can stand firm with almost everything, just to be a butt.

Who wakes up earlier?
Naturally, he does… I’m NOT a morning person. But for the most part I wake up earlier because of school. Sometimes he has to be to work earlier, but usually I leave first.

Where was your first date?
The movies to see Ladder 49 on October 15, 2004

Who has the bigger family?
Hmmm, he has a bigger immediate family (he’s one of 5) but I have a much bigger extended family.

Do you get flowers often?
Never. He doesn’t believe in buying me flowers. He thinks they are stupid because they die. I have gotten 1 rose, 1 time, for Valentines Day.

How do you spend the holidays?
With family… Nothing special.

Who is more jealous?
Neither… we have never had issues with jealousy

How long did it take to get serious?
hahaha, about 5 years? It was pretty serious from the moment we met, we always knew there was something between us… we just didn’t actually start to express our feeling until 5 years later.

Who eats more?
Definitely him. I eat about ½ of what he can put down.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a full time student/ un-wife housewife!!

Who does the laundry?
Well….. Lets just say that when I do laundry, I do OUR laundry. When he does laundry, he does HIS laundry. BUT we both do laundry….

Who’s better with the computer?
It goes back and forth. I am better with some things, and he’s better with others….

Who drives when you are together?
We take turns… Usually him, but sometimes me. Neither of us have a problem with the other one driving, no matter whose car it is. Unless it’s the Camaro. I don’t drive the Camaro anymore because there is a bolted down race seat in it and I can’t reach.

What is "your" song?

This is a funny story… we met at a camp as CIT’s and we had a dance on the last night of camp every week. Both weeks we were there we danced together to the SAME song. I can’t remember for SURE what it was, but I’m pretty sure it was “Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Byrd and when I asked him, even without telling him what I thought it was, he said the same thing, so we have decided that it must be it, and it’s now “our song”.


  1. This is too cute, happy late anniversary! Hubby and I just celbrated our 5 year anniversary of when we starting dating too! Congrats, that's a long time!

  2. Yall sound wonderful together! this is belated but congrats on the anniversary!