Thursday, October 1, 2009

Think Pink!

Being that today is October 1st, I thought I should remind you all to feel your boobies. Yeah, that's right, feel 'em! October is breast cancer awareness month, and all you girls out there should be scheduling your mammograms!!!!!! The way I see it, cancer WILL affect you in your lifetime. Everyone will either have cancer of some sort, or know someone that will, and it will affect you. Don't think that it won't, just take every precaution you can, and do what you can to support others. One of the simplest things you can do is go to this site every day and "click to give".

While you're at it, head on over to the animal rescue site and help out some animals in need. (October is also The American Humane Society's Adopt a Dog month)

There are tons of activities that take place in October to support the cause that you could participate in as well. You could do a walk, or a marathon, some type of fundraiser, or even cut your hair. Did you know that? Pantene Pro-V accepts hair to make wigs for women fighting cancer. They accept as little as 8 inches of hair! Though it might seem like a lot to you, it could mean the world to some person out there who has none. It's not a drastic amount, and it grows back, I promise! I've donated my hair to charity twice within 3 years! The first time I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love (which makes wigs for children with alopecia), and then the next time was 8 inches to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths.

Trust me when I tell you it's the best feeling haircut you have ever had in your life.
Even if you decide you hate the way it looks.

So have you been wondering about that picture up top? That's my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Clyde. They shaved their heads together when Aunt Lisa began to lose her hair due to her Breast Cancer treatments. She's a survivor, and I couldn't be prouder. Just look at her now!

That's her and my mom showin' us all up on the dance floor at my cousin Paige's wedding. She's doing so well, and is enjoying every minute of her life. She drives around town with her hubby in her yellow convertible and spends her days chasing her ADORABLE little grandbaby around.
Love you Aunt Lisa! I'm so proud of you...


  1. WoW!! I love you too sweet girl! I'm proud of you too.

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  3. I'm at work, so I can't feel myself up right now but I will be sure to when I get home! :)

  4. haha at Lil' Womans comment...

    anyways, ever since I got the cancer ribbon tattoo I haven't taken life too seriously. sometimes we all just need a reminder, i really liked this posted.

  5. Hi There! i read this Blog, and i loved it! we just found out yesterday my sister has skin cancer. i don't know how serious it is, all i know is that the word Cancer scares me! I love the month of Oct. but i love it even more now knowing soem interesting facts you told me about it! allot of good comes out of it! Thanks for your blog!

  6. Thank you for posting this!
    I am a new follower and I look forward to keeping up with you!