Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh boy, I've become a hypocrite!

For years I have made fun of Uggs (or anything of the sort) but this year, I do believe I have somewhat changed my mind. *gasp* Evidence? I just purchased THESE!

So what if it doesn't really get cold down here. We still get like 2 days out of the year when it's about 30 degrees. One day I can wear my brown cowboy boots and the other day I can wear these!!! They keep catching my eye everywhere! I couldn't resist! They were only $30 on!!! That's my rationale. They are warm, comfy, and cheap. Sounds good, right?

I do vow to never wear them with hoochie shorts like the rest of the bimbos here in South Florida though. I promise.


  1. I Have a pairs like your new ones! similar but they are brown and a different brand. i love them! especailly with jeans tucked inside them and a big comfy sweater! but your right no hoochie shorts with them ;oD

  2. I love my uggs!! Seriously, they may be out of fashion and/or ugly, but they are SO comfy!

  3. hahaha I am so like you... I make fun of Uggs, but only because I live in FL as well (Orlando) and can't stand when girls wear them with shorts or mini skirts! I get that all my friends from NY wear them but cannot grasp the concept of wearing them with shorts or skirts!