Friday, October 23, 2009

While I'm on the shoe subject....

I've gotta share with you my other great bargain!!!!

Now that the wedding is over, I have things I can share!!! Yay! and when Jess gets back from her honeymoon, I have one more thing wedding related to share with you. I can't wait!!!!

In the meantime... I gotta show you the cute shoes I got for $28 to wear to the wedding!!!
They didn't have a 6 1/2 so I settled for a size 6 which was pretty darn close to perfect, but a little snug around the toes. I talked to my mom about it, an she suggested sticking wooden mixing spoons in the front to stretch them. At first I laughed, but then I tried it. Let me tell you, as silly as it looked, IT WORKED!!!! They fit just fine after a week of stretching and didn't bother my toes one bit! And of course, they looked awesome with the dress my oh so talented Mommy made for me to wear :)

Isn't it great??? My mom has been SO busy and SO wonderful. Not only did she hand-make my dress, she also did some tailoring on Ed's dress shirt, AND did all of the alterations on the bridesmaid dresses!

She rocks!!!


  1. Love the shoes and dress...very cute :)

  2. awwww...thank you Honey...that was sweet of you to blog about me...8-) And you looked awesome in your pretty dress and I'm glad the shoes fit fine! They were perfect! 8-) Love you!!!