Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jessica got married!!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. P!!!!! The wedding was BEAUTIFUL and we all had a blast!
Have a great time on your Honeymoon!!!!

Our last wedding of 5 this year.... and I still NEVER caught the bouquet! lol...
Guess there's always next year! I already know of two!!!!


  1. imagine my surprise when i see me in my google reader! lol thanks for everything Amy!

  2. Beautiful pics, she looks gorgeous! :)

  3. The bride looks flawless, I love her bridesmaid dresses! Great color.

  4. Kevin and i have been to a couple weddings ourselves this year and he has caught the garder thingy or wahtever it's called and i have not even once caught the bouquet! :o( but yes there is always next year! There is HOPE! ha!