Saturday, January 30, 2010

As promised - Birthday Re-cap!

**** Caution: PHOTO OVERLOAD! lol******

It's still my birthday month for 2 days, so I'm not late at getting this post out just yet... lol

On my actual birthday my mom and step-dad came over... they brought lots of fun presents, and took me out to dinner at Bonefish Grille. YUM!

(my puppy is always in the middle of EVERYTHING!)

Thanks Mommy! Love you!

Then... we celebrated on Saturday. First things first... we talked my mom into losing her Jello Shot virginity! Go mom!
First we had a little teaching...
She didn't like it very much...
But we washed it down with the best cake I have ever had! Home-made by MOMMY!
Chocolate and Vanilla with vanilla frosting and vanilla pudding in the middle - yum yum YUM!
The boys played some Wii
We had some drinks...
Beer pong was played...
I got some more presents...
Jenn got me an AWESOME birthday present. I think I'll need some more wine for that glass though, don't you think?
Jess got me a cute Koozie
Kimmy reminded me that I was 100 years old - divided by 4
Some people partied til they dropped...
And our one little partier, partied a little too hard... but we couldn't resist a group shot!


  1. ugh horrible picture of me! good times though :)

  2. Looks like a great time! I love me some Bonefish Grill!

  3. Looks like fun!! :)
    I love me some Beer Pong but Big Man whoops my ass in it.

  4. You sure turned a quarter of a century old in grand style! 8-)