Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Big Redneck Wedding?

So Ed and his family are members of the Broward County Airboat and Halftrack club and every year they put on an annual show to raise money for the club. They have a bunch of boats on display and they have a contest for best in show and stuff like that. A bunch of vendors come out and sell t-shirts and boat supplies, and all that good stuff. There is food, a bounce house, super slide, live band, dance floor for line dancing, etc etc. So anyway, Ed was working the front gate there today as he has since he was 8 and I went on down to hang out and check it out, and he was telling me that they had to shut things down and kick everyone out by 10 because they were having a wedding reception there tonight!!!! Can you believe it? They had the actual ceremony on stage while everyone was there. The bride wore black jeans, a cream top, cowboy hat with a camo veil, and a small bouquet of fall colored wildflowers. She arrived to the stage on a swamp buggy, and when she said "I do" they shot off a shotgun, and fireworks. It was one of the most interesting weddings I have ever seen. All wierdness aside, they both looked very happy, and excited to share their day with so many people doing something that they love. The groom is the president of the club. I guess the only thing to say to this is "whatever floats your boat!" I wish them much happiness and never ending love.

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