Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first blog ever!

So I haven't decided yet who to blame my blogging obsession on.... My first adventures on blogger started with regularly checking my friend Jess's wedding blog, so I guess I should blame it on her. From there, I started checking it more frequently, and then started checking the blogs of her followers as well. It's quite addicting! I love to read, so maybe thats why I enjoy it so much. Reading about what's going on in random peoples lives is like a never ending novel. I had started thinking about all the random interesting things that go on in my day, and kept contemplating starting a place of my own to share them. Staying at home with my dog can be pretty interesting! Much less my cooking and baking and flat out "new to me" housewife experiences. When my cousin Paige started a blog of her own, I finally decided to break down and do it. At least it's a better way to keep in touch with her and the family. So what if I'm a dork, there are other dorks out there that want to hear about my day right? At least SOMEONE will listen! The boyfriend gets tired of hearing about it after a while. Even if nobody wants to read it, I'm gonna share it, and shut myself up! Maybe I'll even get some followers and comments along the way to keep me entertained :) Not that I need any more excuses not to study, but I sure do enjoy internet breaks here and there!!!!!


  1. I love it Amy Lynn! So pretty!!! Now we don't have to fuss at each other for not e-mailing!! ;)

  2. how the hell did u get a 3 column layout...

  3. Welcome to the blogging world, it's so much fun.

  4. Hi there,

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  5. Yay another great blog for me to follow! My bf and I just bought a house too (100 points for doing things "out of order") and I've been blogging about it too. I love the idea of being an unwife-housewife :) We've got to stick together!